Information regarding TIU STEM activities

Raspberry Pi & Electronics Workshop LIU12 – 2020


Connecting to your Pi wirelessly
Getting Started with Scratch (Visual Programming)
Physical Computing with Scratch (Visual Programming)
Physical Computing with Python (Coding)
Teacher Classroom Help Guide
Magpi Magazine
Breadboard Programming Book
GPIZERO Documentation Python
SenseHat Cheatsheet
SenseHat Worksheet
Pi Camera Documentation
Paper Circuits Paper Circuits Templates (Simple, Series, Parallel)

Project Ideas

Raspberry Pi Projects Sensing the Weather

Burning Image (Installing new OS or re-downloading OS)

  1. Download the image by going to downloads.
  2. Download Etcher and install it.
  3. Take the SD card and put it into the SD card adapter
  4. Open Etcher and select the image you downloaded from step 1. You may need to extract the zip file first. 
  5. Select the SD card in the second option on Etcher

    Make sure you disconnect any other USB connected Hard Drive/USB thumb/flash drive to avoid accidentally writing over it.

  6. Click Flash.