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Quote Date June 3, 2021
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Central Intermediate Unit # 10

345 Link Road
West Decatur, PA 16878

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1 STEM Inventions and Explorer Kit Classroom Kit

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Kit (includes USB power supply, 32gb SD Card with modified Raspberry Pi Operating System, Wifi dongle)Raspberry Pi Sense HAT (hardware attached on top)Raspberry Pi CameraPimoroni ExplorerHAT ProAutomation HATServoCapacitive Soil Moisture SensorRobot Chassis Kit – 2WD with DC MotorsBattery PackScrewdriverBreadboard3 LEDs (Red, Yellow and Green)2 Buttons1 Buzzer3 ResistorsJumper cablesGPIO Leaflet, 6 Controllable Four Outlet Power Relays

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Total $3,300.00